Website Maintenance Services and Support

We keep your website safe, bug free and high performing 24/7, while you focus on growing your business.

Get your site to perform at its best
You want your website to perform at full capacity, always. But you have more important things to spend your valuable time on.

That is why we provide website care, maintenance and update services for you to focus on your business while we keep your business technical backstage performing at its best.

All Our Web Care Plans Include

Smart Updates

Updates on your site is always performed on the staging environment, and only when we've checked that everything is working, we will push the changes to the live site, minimizing downtime.

Off-site Backups

Backups for the entire database and file system are hosted in an external server, to ensure your site is always covered in case of need.

Proactive Security Scans

Your web application files are scanned continuously to ensure everything is in order and the code has not been compromised by an attack.

Web Application Firewall

We don't let things to chance. Your site is protected by a web application firewall, to automatically block the vast majority of attacks.

High Performance

We carry out performance tests and corrections to make sure your user's experience is the best 24/7.

Monthly Reports

Reports are sent to you every month to keep you up to date with analytics, tasks performed and security events

Our Web Care Plans & Pricing


Fortnightly Smart Updates
Off-site Backups every other day
Weekly Security Scans
Basic Web Application Firewall
Monthly Performance Optimization
Monthly Database Optimization
Malware/Hacking Recovery
Monthly Reports


Weekly Smart Updates
Nightly Off-site Backups
Daily Security Scans
Advanced Web Application Firewall
Weekly Performance Optimization
Weekly Database Optimization
Malware/Hacking Recovery
Fortnightly Reports
Uptime monitoring
E-commerce support
Priority support


Daily Smart Updates
Hourly Off-site Backups
Hourly Security Scans
Advanced Web Application Firewall
Constant Performance Optimization
Nightly Database Optimization
Malware/Hacking Recovery
Weekly Reports
Uptime monitoring
E-commerce support
High Priority support
Real-time Security Alerts & Response


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