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We don't just give your business a pretty face.
We build a growth machine that gets smarter over time.

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In a digital space that's becoming more crowded every day, we help brands create a deep emotional connection with their audience.

By integrating user research, applied data science and technology into our design process, we create extraordinary online experiences, optimized to drive conversions and customer satisfaction.

Instead of only focusing on how things look, we strive to close the feedback loop early and often, in order  to understand our users needs and the behaviors that lead to action.

This user journey insight gives us the power to shape your website to their needs, optimizing conversions and sales, by giving our users what they want in every step of their journey.

Our website design approach

Mobile first approach, always

In today's mobile dominated world, a responsive website design, that looks as good on phones, as it does on tablets and desktops, is a requirement, not an optional add-on. Our mobile first approach aligns to the highest standards, and will provide a first-class user experience, regardless of the device being used.
DPI Responsive Web Design
Organic Revenue Growth from SEO

We focus on your growth, not just the visuals

We get it, a beautiful design is worth a thousand words, and we've got that covered. But all the other factors that drive traffic, conversion and loyalty from your users (and are often overlooked by other web design companies) are taken care of thanks to our comprehensive approach to web design where a smart, user-centered growth is the ultimate goal.

We are committed to your success

Our clients are always impressed by how much care and effort goes into our strategy and development process, because it shows. We are not distracted by industry awards or accolades, we are driven by an unswerving dedication to the success of your business.
Rochallor SEO Tool Dashboard

Website Design Process


We consult with you to understand your brand, market, competition, and your goals and requirements. We also develop user personas, in order to understand your audience at a personal level.


Based on the findings from the discovery phase, we craft with you a unique strategy for your website, optimized to help you reach your business and marketing goals.

User Experience Planning

By testing ideas and mockups, we map the information architecture to the user journey for each of your buyer personas, in order to build the best possible experience for your potential clients.

User Interface Design

Our designers build the user interface of your website, based on the results of the user experience research, from concepts tested and proven with actual users to make sure the site is ready once it goes live.


Our code samurais (no, we don't have ninjas) build the project with the highest coding standards, focusing on security, performance and reliability.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team, puts the website to the test, on all popular devices, and under heavy loads, to make sure the final product is bulletproof. All the uncovered bugs are squashed at this stage, and then, we test it again.


Our dev-ops engineers makes sure our live server is set up for the site, and when every test is passed, the project goes live. Here we apply any live-only setup needed and tell everyone who needs to know about it (e.g. Google et all).

Security & Maintenance

Our support team keeps your software and server up to date so your site is always performing to its best under high loads. We also keep the website behind a firewall and monitor and respond to any security threats as they happen.

Constant Improvement

Depending on your needs, we monitor your users behavior in order to adapt the site to both their preferences and the needs of your growing company. This drives conversion rates up over time and keep the site relevant to your visitors.

Websites we built

Led Horticulture Website Showcase MBP

LED Horticulture

LED Horticulture is a retailer for leading brands of LED grow lights and related equipment. They provided a User Interface design and specifications, and needed a pixel perfect front end implementation of the fully filterable catalog website into their content management system.

DP Internacional SAE

DP Internacional represents the Chicco and Bialetti brands. They needed to reinvent their online presence to appeal to both potential clients and investors, with a design that could go hand in hand with the image of the represented brands.
Bialetti Website Mockup
Luminthera Website Mockup


Luminthera is a Heart-Centered dealer of Jacuzzi® Saunas made by Clearlight Infrared. They needed a website to showcase their products and educate about the benefits of daily sauna use. They needed a user friendly, readable interface, while complying with strict brand guidelines and requirements.

Pegasus Gala

Haras Castanholas is a leading horse breeder. They needed a landing page for an exclusive horse riding gala event inspired in other equestrian events such as Apassionata. People should be able to subscribe for email news about the upcoming event.
Portfolio Pegasus Gala Growth-Driven Website Design by Rochallor Agency
Portfolio Edukate Website Design by Rochallor Digital

Edukate LLC

EDUKATE is a higher education consulting organization providing counseling, training and support for students and athletes looking to start a career at a US university. They needed a site that could present their services and events with a clean design that would be easy to navigate and use.


RUFF! is a company of publishing professionals with diverse experience, solid industry know-how, and an impressive backlist that includes top sellers with five-star average ratings at retailers and review sites. They needed a website that would allow them to show their strengths and clients in an easy to navigate layout, but above all, that would be true to their unique voice and language.
RUFF! Website Mockup
i had an amazing experience working with Joe on my projekt. I already had the design for desktop, but not for mobile. his job was, bring this design to Desktop & Mobile. The whole process with his platform and the review process were an charm.
I definitely recommend him, and for my next projects he is the first one I ask to get my ideas to the web.

Patric Domin - Happy Rochallor Client Testimonial
Patric Domin
LED Horticulture

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